Thursday, 14 July 2016

Review: RUBY’S ETHNIC FLAIR hair and beauty salon

On Sunday past I was invited by Ruby from RUBY’S ETHNIC FLAIR hair and beauty salon for an afternoon of absolute spoils and treats. As I arrived I was greeted by the owner Ruby which is such a delightful and professional business woman.
I was told that we would start off with a full body massage and as I entered the room I was asked to undress and get under the sheets and to my excitement the room was already warmed up and everything smelled so good. Before starting Ruby specifically asked me if there were any part of my body that I would like her to pay special attention to and what amount of pressure was okay for me. I loved the fact that she asked as I have had a massage previously with a masseuse that did not ask at all and I ended not being able to move a day later as the pressure was just way too much. 
The 50min full body massage was absolutely heaven and I literally fell asleep and might have even drooled just a little bit...Ruby then proceeded with a 30min mini facial. I was really impressed when Ruby advised me that she will be using Nimue skin technology products on my skin. I have used these products before and know they are really good quality products. 
Specializing in eyebrow and lash tinting, waxing and nails and everything from facials to massages, Ruby's swathes clients in tranquility before seating them at one of the three manicure or pedicure stations or secluding them in private massage rooms. Making use of top-shelf products and ensuring full body relaxation, there’s something for every occasion at Ruby's Ethnic Flair. 
We finished off with a nice white paint, really it was an absolutely lovely overall experience!
I must say that I received the most amazing treatments and really felt like a new person afterwards. This is really such a treat and I will definitely be going back.
If you in the Cape Town area and want a great experience really do check out:
 258 Blaauwberg , Table view

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

#CancerVive with Revlon

I attended the Revlon launch a couple of weeks ago and I was challenged by Revlon to create a look in support of the #CancerVive initiative. This campaign is something I truly believe in as I too was affected with this horrible disease. A couple of years ago my grandmother past away of cancer and that's why I believe that early detection and proper education is so important. I truly believe that this disease has taken way to many people before there actual time and that we can make an impact by sharing information and making people understand that cancer is not a death sentence. If detected early many has gone on to living long fruitful lives.
Cancer.vive is a special project of People Living with Cancer. The Cancer.vive campaign members celebrate life by sharing the stories of cancer survivors, because a cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be a death sentence. The team of survivors know that early detection can save lives. So much of what they do is focused around education and awareness. They also honour those who have lost their battle and raise funds to help fight the disease through education.
So upon existing the event Revlon gave each media personal a tube filled with Revlon products as well as a band to wear when creating this #CancerVive inspired look.
Before starting my look, I wanted to start off by first of decide on the colours I wanted to use. Pink and Purple was definitely what I wanted...
Products used for this look:
*Revlon colorstay foundation in shade- True Beige
*Revlon colorstay liquid liner- Black
*Revlon Photoready eye palette- 520 Watercolors Aquarelle
*Revlon Ultravolume mascara
*Revlon Matte ultra HD lippie
I am obsessed with this diamond Top coat from Revlon colorstay gel envy collection.
The colour is such a nice bright pop and the size of the brush creates beautiful even strokes. The picture below of my nails was taken after a week and a half of wearing this polish... not bad at all.
If you want to join in on this initiative, create your #cancervive look in support of this campaign & read up about it here:

Preview: SDM Eyewear

So a couple weeks back I was invited to an exclusive preview of  SDM Eyewear, it was absolutely a scene out of eye-wear heaven. The room was filled with the most amazing pieces of sunglasses & eye-wear from a wide variety of reputable brands by likes of Tom Ford, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucca, Just Cavalli, Vera Wang, Guess & Saint Laurent
 just to mention a few.

I was in absolute awe of all these stunning piece! Ill give you a rundown of a few of my favourites. The Tom Ford Eyewear Collection was really something different it features bold and provocative designs alongside a range of refined and classic looks. An introduction of new colors, including newly developed acetates for women such as iridescent chalk stripe blue/violet and chalk stripe ivory/ rose, while polarized lenses are offered in men's sunglass designs. I know you would like these too x
One of my absolute favourites has to be Balenciaga which is a French fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga. The bubble skirts and odd, feminine, yet ultra-modern shapes were trademarks of the house. Balenciaga opened his Paris couture house on Avenue George V in August 1937, and his first runway show featured designs heavily influenced by the Spanish Renaissance. Balenciaga’s success in Paris was nearly immediate. Within two years, the French press lauded him as a revolutionary, and his designs were highly sought-after. These eye-wear pieces are really unlike anything you have ever seen.
The Ted Baker was also really amazing! The quality and attention to detail & the quirkiness really made the collection stand out and have an edge of difference. The eyewear collection is unique, inspired by the spirit of TED which is original and real, never to be taken too seriously. The modern eyewear collection best demonstrates the brand’s unusual possibility in expression of fashion accents and extreme comfort and versatility. It's definitely aimed at the quirky men and women between the ages of 22-55yrs.
So when we came to the end of the preview, I was told that I could actually choose a pair for myself. Which made me ask them the question 3 times "Are you guys really sure I can?"
It was quite a difficult task of choosing a pair among-ts all of these amazing brands. But I then finally had my heart set on this pair. It's an original Saint Laurent...Ah yes I just died.
Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter in a 1966 collection called ‘Rive Gauche’, synonymous with youth and freedom. This shift represented a first critical step in the modernization of fashion and revolutionized the socio-cultural landscape.
Yves Saint Laurent, under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane since March 2012, continues to position itself at the summit of the luxury universe. 
Today, SAINT LAURENT collections include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, jewellery, scarves, ties and eyewear. 
You will see me sporting these amazing sunnies some more on my social media pages!
If you interested in the latest on eye-wear definitely check out:

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Review: The ins & outs of Microblading

 So last night I was invited to see a Live Microblading demonstration at the stunning Urban Lounge venue at Wembley Square. I have never heard of Microblading before, hence I was so interested to see it being done live. 
So for those of you that has never heard of this concept it's a relatively new technique of enhancing the appearance of your eyebrows. Back in the day thin, over-plucked eyebrows was all the craze but the fuller, natural looking brows are making a huge comeback... 
& rightfully so. 
The process of Microblading is done by a hand tool & blade. The ultra thin blade is a grouping of extremely fine needles affixed to a handle to manually create clean and crisp lines that resemble eyebrow hairs. Natural pigment is deposited into the upper dermal layer of the skin, making it semi-permanent for 1-2 years, depending on the skin type and lifestyle.
Advantages of the 6D technique:
♥ Less painful and faster than the machine – less repetition over 
the same area causing less trauma
♥ Far more natural result
♥ Hairs are drawn in a natural direction, it doesn’t look like a solid tattoo
♥ Thin disposable needles, thinner than the thinnest tattoo needle, results in strokes that are identical to real brow hairs.

9 Reasons to get semi- permanent eyebrows:
1. Hair loss and lack of definition/shape
2. Thin brows caused by years of over tweezing.
3. Chemotherapy or Alopecia
4. Scars, gaps in the brow
5. Lengthening the tails of existing eyebrows
6. Thickening thin brows
7. Correcting asymmetry
8. Active lifestyles
9. Trouble applying conventional makeup.
What to expect prior to and during the procedure:
♥ The procedure will take between 1 ½ - 2 hours
♥ You will be required to fill in a consent form
♥ Your expectations and requirements will be thoroughly discussed
   during the consultation
♥ A brow shape / outline will be measured and drawn on your existing brow area for you      to assess before commencing the procedure
♥ Pigments are matched to each individuals colouring or a specific brow pencil colour,          ranging from light blonde to black
♥ There will be very slight discomfort but rest assured that the therapist
   will manage it with the use of topical anaesthetics

♥ A touch up procedure is essential
Price Range:
Between R1500 – R2500

I must say before seeing the live demonstration, I don't know if I would have the nerve to get it done myself, but I must say when I saw the results, it really blew my mind! The model's eyebrows looks so natural and well groomed. My eyebrows personally are so light hence I always find myself having to either tint them or apply colour to make it slightly darker. So I am really considering the treatment!

If you would like to get your eyebrows Micro-bladed you can check out the Urban Lounge website or see shop details below: 
The Urban Beauty Lounge
Shop 3
Wembley Square 1
Solan Str, Gardens
City Bowl
076 386 4793

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Bay Harbour Market

So I have always heard great things about The Bayharbour market in Houtbat, but as murphy's law would have it, I've lived in Cape Town my entire life and have never been. 
So not knowing what to expect, I headed out and boi oh boi, did I have fun!
My first thoughts as I entered the market was the lingering smell at the entrance of delicious food. The market has a array of unique and very original traders selling handmade produce and a stylish wonderland of exquisite art, crafts and fashion.
The huge roaring fireplace was such a treat and I happened to plonk myself next to it for the most part. The market is also undercover, so visitors are comfortably be shielded from the rain and wind. Which is major + for me. Also PS: if you wanting to stock up on some winter warmth you have to check out these hoodies from Chill Winstan and comfy leather boots from In-Step Surf Boots.
The hustle and bustle and the excitement of the market literally hangs in the air as you hear children's laughter, fun chatter and stunning music playing in the background. There is really something for everyone and I'm sure you would find time running away during a morning or afternoon of roaming. You can click here: to see the variety of Traders that can be found at the Bay Harbour.
Hubby and I started the morning early, browsing some awesome stalls. It's really amazing to think what little gems you can actually find. The 1st place I stopped was at the stall called Blokke and Blomme which has beautiful text carvings, in various fonts and sizes and  can even custom make these beautiful designs to the customers requirements.
The food market was really a sight to see, there was such a variety of food types, from chicken, too seafood even steak if you wish! My favourite was definitely a food stall called Bon-Amie, they had a delicious offering of omelettes, breakfasts, salads and sandwiches, and served everything from veggie burgers and halloumi cheese dishes to traditional South African favourites such as Sringbok and Gemsbok. Yummy...right!
See the below, to find schedule for awesome live entertainment at Bayharbour market!
So if you looking for some great entertainment for the entire family, look no further!
Trading Times
Fridays: 5pm to 9pm, Saturdays: 9:30am to 4pm
and Sundays: 9:30am to 4pm

Monday, 13 June 2016

Bible blah blah T-shirts

A friend of mine has started, this cool concept of slogan T-shirts with a twist. It's called Bibleblahblah, These tees are seriously epic, with insight and a modern twist. 
Some Q&A about this brand from the creator Sanelisiwe Sokhela:
Q:Tell us About “Bible Blah Blah” and what it means to you?
A: There has been both positive and negative responses to the name Bibleblahblah especially the ‘blah blah’ part. Some see it as rather creative while some see it as an insult to the bible. The name blah blah simply just means going on and on and on about something and that’s what I wanted to do with the t-shirt range... just go on and on and on about the bible and God.
Q: Take us through the thought process of choosing bible verses that end up on the T-shirt?
A: Bibleblahblah tees are not your conventional scripture tees it's young and trendy so the wording that goes on the tees needs to be trendy but biblical.

Q: Religion and Fashion hardly ever seem to collide, you seem to be doing it with such a sense of “effortless cool” with Bible Blah Blah, how are you achieving this?
A: Lol I seriously don’t have an answer to this question. I guess it’s just God’s grace however I do try keep to what’s relevant and current with fashion in everything I do. If I''m wearing a Bibleblahblah tshirt, I wear it in a fashionable way and so do the people that have bought it and that gives it the “effortless cool” as you call it.
Q: The basic white T-shirt/Tee is a staple for any wardrobe, is that why you chose it as a staple/building piece of the bible blah blah range?
A: Yes, you can’t go wrong with a white t-shirt but also a white slogan t-shirt is what’s trending right now and although Bibleblahblah tees are evangelistic Christian tees, they also need to be fashion right.

Q: Are you interested in adding any other fashion items to the line? 
A: I’ve had so many requests to add colour or broaden my range to sweaters and so on. At the moment I’m more focused on establishing the brand and grow its followers before I branch out to other products, but yes that’s the long term goal.
Q: How does one go about purchasing bible blah blah T-shirts? 
A: You can order through the following mediums:
Instagram: @bibleblahblah

One Channi Chic reader will have the opportunity to win a awesome t-shirt! 
Check out the Channi Chic social media platforms for details!