Wednesday, 25 February 2015

G-Star Raw Jeans

Last night I attended the G-star Spring/Summer 2015 Launch Campaign #TightORWide hosted at Truth. It was an absolutely awesome evening filled with loads of awesome people wearing beautiful denims.
I mean it’s really crazy to think that majority of our wardrobe consists of denims and that it has become one of the must have items in your closet. If you don’t own a pair of denims, are you even human? Lol
I started my evening with the awesome photobooth that they had set up and ofcourse myself and my buddy Crystal was having a ball of a time snapping away. You can view those pictures on either my FB or Instagram page.
The theme of the evening was based on “How you wear your denims? Tight or Wide, well I am very much a tight girl, the tighter the denim the better.
 The evening sprung off with awesome snacks, drinks and great conversation with fellow media personnel & bloggers. kinda people!
Big Thanks to Vivid Luxury for having me.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Essie + Rebbeca Minkoff

 To all the Essie Lovers I’m excited to let you all know about the new GLOBAL COLOR DESIGNER.
Rebecca Minkoff: fashion designer, press darling, NY “it” girl, color addict and obsessied.
Rebecca Minkoff will be coming up with Essie’s colors and inspiration for each season. Dubbed “Flowerista,” her first collection was inspired by the vibrant hues of flowers and fashion photographer Nick Knight’s floral photomanipulations. I was really excited to be able to have tried 2 of the Essie colors.

Lolipop: This colour is by far my favourite; it’s such a vibrant shade of red. I used one coat and the colour immediately looked the perfect shade.

Dj play that song: This colour is really trendy and beautiful on any skin tone. Every stroke of the paint brush, is flawless. Such a great summer option. 
I must say that this has been my first time using an Essie Polish. I know clearly I've been living under a rock! The quality of this polish is out of this world and I loved the fact that it dried almost in an instant. So may I add, my nails have no smudges whatsoever? Trust me, this very rarely happens.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Do YOU want to start your own BLOG but don't know how?

This is has been the #1 question that I get in-boxed & emailed about. I really want to start a blog, but don’t know how?
I have recently started assisting those individuals in starting up there blog & realised that I really am enjoying it. Let me just put out there: I am a total creative being and thrive on new ideas and being innovative. I love the fact that an individual can tell me a bit about themselves & what they like and intern I create a blog that best reflects them. The setting up of a blog can be an easy process for some and a daunting thought for others. Well let me say, that the part that I enjoy most is the creative elements & that’s why I really want to assist others whereby there strong point might be writing and not as much the functional and creative part.
Let me put it out there, that this is a personalised service that I’m offering and one-on-one help is offered.
Do YOU want to start your own BLOG but don't know how?
I have created a package which offers personalized service package on how to create and start up your own blog on blogspot.

Package will include:
- Create & Setting up your own Blog
- Assist with creating your blog name and domain
- Tips & Tricks to get your blog up and running
- Assist with creating a blog in your specialized field/niche
- Meet up with you if you’re in the CPT area or provide online support if your outside of CPT
- Assist you with building content & creating an appealing blog
Email me for more details and information to

Also to start it all off, I’ll be giving away 1package to a lucky individual that is interested in starting up their own blog.

All you have to do is go to my Facebook page "like" the page and on the post tell me why you would like to "Win" as easy as that?

Winner will be announced by the end of the week xx

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New products available at AVON

I have become so obsessed with the products at Avon. I literally on a monthly bases cannot wait to see what new products have been launched. What I love even more is that it makes shopping for gifts for my friends and family such less of an hassle and it will definitely not break the bank.
This Bella Sunset named Far Away is such a treat. I have found the perfume that people seem to ask the infamous question "What perfume are wearing?" when walking pass me. 
Perfumes however does not seem to stick well to me or after a couple of hours my perfume seems to fade however not this one. The lotion provides a beautiful soft scent while giving that much needed moisture and I loved the fact that I could display this beautiful bottled perfume at home and carry the smaller spritzer in my purse for any much needed touch ups during the course of the day. This enchanting fragrance bursts with sparkling clementine and night blooming jasmine, swirled with seductive sandalwood for the free spirited glamourous feeling.
Introducing to you the New Ultra Colour indulgence Lipstick. It is enriched with weightless gels free from heavy waxes that delivers incredible intense, velvety colour and relieves dehydration. SPF 15 included & instantly increases moisture by up to four times, leaving lips feeling ultra hydrated.
Check out the for more awesome product that you would love.

Monday, 16 February 2015

OOTD: Animal Affair

The blog has been a bit quiet for about 2 weeks as I've been on vacation. I am however very much excited to be back at work and start the New Year with a bang. This year you can expect a lot of awesome content, little DIY projects and some awesome style posts. Feel free to also let me know what you want to see on this blog, as that’s what it’s all about after all. Hope you like my outfit post I did? It was rather windy, so hence the messy hair in all the pictures. I kinda like it xx
Outfit details:
Skirt: Legit
Shoes: Foschini
Bag: Foschini
Top: Overseas Brand

Till we chat again xx

Monday, 9 February 2015

Foschini Fashion Friends

So you might have heard this concept “Foschini Fashion Friends” more than once on either my facebook, twitter or instagram page and I have had so many inbox's and emails asking me what this term is actually about?

"A Fashion Friend is a Foschini Brand Ambassador, tasked with the role of sharing with, teaching and learning from women in South Africa, empowering more confidence and positivity to those women around you"

Well I thought I’ll do a post seeing that last week I got to spend 3 nights with the Fashion Friends and it really was amazing.
Some of the Fashion Friends which resides all around SA flew down to Cape Town for the Fabulous Fashion Friends shoot. We all met up at the Double Tree by Hilton hotel which we stayed for a couple of days. The 2days on shoot was so much fun and really hard work at the same time. Who knew so much went into taking that perfect picture? However it has been an amazing couple of days so I have compiled a few pictures of our stay for your enjoyment.

Well I won’t be able to give you guys a sneak peak of the pictures of the actual shoot. Where will the fun be in that? The pictures can be seen in all Foschini Stores from the 16th of April 2015. How cool is that?